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Collisions involving speed pose threat of fatality to New York drivers

March 12th, 2013 • car accidents

Drivers speed for a variety of different reasons. They may be in a hurry, not pay attention to their speed because they are focusing on other things, or don't understand the implications of extreme speeds while driving. For drivers in Orange County, speeding can add to the intensity of a collision and is a common factor in many fatal accidents.

The danger of speed

According to the National Safety Council, speeding is a factor in every one out of three accidents that result in fatalities and speeding causes over 13,000 deaths every year. The NSC states the speeding is defined as a driver that is driving above the speed limit or is driving too fast for conditions.

In New York, there are several speeding laws that are heavily enforced to protect the safety of drivers on the road. Speeding is not only a national issue, but a state one as well. In New York, approximately 30 percent of deaths caused by traffic accidents list speeding as one of the reasons for the accident, says the State of New York.

Recently, a 23 year old man in Brooklyn died in a collision due to the effects of speeding. Early that morning, the man was driving between 70 and 80 miles per hour when he hit a dip in the road and lost control of his vehicle. When he hit the dip in the road, the front of his car buckled, veered to the right and spun until it crashed into a truck, says the New York Daily News.

Although the man did not die upon impact, he was soon after pronounced dead at the hospital. Luckily, no other individuals were harmed in the accident.

Tips for drivers

Speeding drivers pose an extreme safety threat to other drivers on the road. When driving, individuals should pay attention to other drivers exhibiting the signs of aggressive driving to avoid an accident. To circumvent an accident with a speeding driver, drivers should:

  • Only use the far left lane for its intended purpose of passing other drivers
  • Resist the urge to tailgate other drivers and give plenty of space between vehicles
  • Let other drivers pass willingly
  • Never stop in the middle of the road to talk to a friend or look at something
  • Stay at a safe distance from aggressive drivers maintaining excessive speeds

Although drivers cannot entirely prevent speeding drivers from coming into contact with their vehicle, following these safety tips may reduce the impact or chance of fatality in a collision.

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident by another driver that was speeding, contact a motor vehicle attorney to determine what you can do to receive proper compensation for your injuries.

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